Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Diablo 3 - Real Auction House

Looks like Blizzard is trying to stamp out the item sellers by introducing two auction houses in Diablo 3. An in-game currency auction house (with gold), and a real currency auction house (with $). I have a pretty good feeling about it, as opposed to some of the community. Some say it'll destroy the game as we knew it. I say, let 'em have it. The ones that are gonna do it, will do it anyway, and the ones that would have abstained, will still abstain. Not only that, it'll drastically reduce the number of people that lose their account to hackers and the like. Unfortunately, I think we'll still be seeing the broken English gold spam.

"Need do you gold more of?! mmo-chinese-farmers-galore.com!"


  1. thats awesome! im excited about d3

  2. i have a similar post on my blog :) i dont like the idea but i will still play the game

  3. i saw it! MAN these guys really wants to take money from us at any costs!

  4. on the other hand it may be a way for gamers to make a living at doing what they love! playing games :)

    if blizzard doesn't do it, then a site like d2jsp will do it.